new challenges everyday

Everyday is new day and nothing is the same from yesterday or any other day in the past, so it is always good to start a week with a kinda refreshed mind.

But sometimes your good mood may be turned off by something frustrating, at least boring things, I should say, like you don’t have any assignment today or it is time to pay another bill for water and electricity.

This week doesn’t start well for me as I don’t receive any assignment at all, so I spend quite a leisure and relaxed day today. And when it is time to pick up my son from school, a routine for me everyday, I go downstairs and ride my bike to go to his school. It is a little bit cold and rainy. Luckily, it does not rain on my way to school. But I have a hunch that something will happen with my son, I always do.

I get to the school and find that most of his classmates have already left school and he is busy putting his stuff into his schoolbag because all his things are left on the ground. I don’t know why. He’s screwing things up again. He just doesn’t get any better. Sometimes I really don’t know how to teach him to do things well and behave himself. He let me down again today because he loses his school card once again  today.

While he’s looking for his card in the classroom, I meet a fat boy on the first floor of the school building. I remember seeing him doing homework with my son in the garden the other day. He is quite polite and nice and smart, at least from my point of view. We talk for a moment and I start to like him. He is clearly smarter than my son, though fatter and higher. And then I hear someone is shouting at him, I turn around and see his father. The father is apparently very mad at his son because the father has been waiting impatiently for his son for quite a period of time outside the school so he has to walk in and see what his son is doing, but he finds that his son is still chatting with someone which is me. The father is furious and keeps shouting and scolding his son for not coming out earlier and even call his son stupid. Hearing that, the boy quickly takes all his stuff and follows his father out of the school without saying goodbye to me.

The father is quite like me, because I also often shout and scold my son for not doing things I tell him to do, and he does fail to do so, not just once, but many, many times, so I feel very disappointed with him.  It seems that he refuses to, or is reluctant to do whatever I ask him to do. He is always dilatory in doing things he ought to do. so I find it diffcult to teach him.

This is the challenge for me, more diffcult than my job. I can easily get my job done but as for my son, it is just a pain in the neck. I really feel at a loss.

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